The Dichotomy and the Development of the Early Childhood Education and Care Services in Australia

The Dichotomy and the Development of the Early Childhood Education and Care Services in Australia

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The development of Early Childhood education and Care services in Australia is not that easy as we think. Started form the late 19C and early 20C there are lots of change, challenge, belief and arguments. When looking back on the historical stages and compare to the current stage there are lots better funding, resources, policy and practice to have quality early educations.
The early childhood services started in late 19C and early 20C. There are main two different Early Childhood services which are Early Childhood Education and Early Childhood Care. Both of them are providing the education and care for children 0-5 however they have different goals, aims and programs. (Elliott, Early Childhood Education: Pathways to quality and equity, 2006)
Historical and Traditional of Australia early childhood services divided in early childhood program and education program. In result of that policy, funding, resourcing and administrative were different. Under the Early Childhood Care services program there are few different services such as Long Day Care, family Day Care, Occasional Care, On- Farm Child Care, Multifunctional Children services, Multifunction Aboriginal Children services, Aboriginal Playgroups, Enrichment Program, Mobiles and toy libraries and In Home Care services. (Elliott, Early Childhood Education: Pathways to quality and equity, 2006)
Most of the Early Childhood Care program is mainly aim for the both working families. The main idea is supporting equality of ideology by women to participate in work force. In History women like to have the same right to get the chance to work as the man. Providing the Early Childhood Care service is allowing women for to get the workforce, also for women who enter the war in Second World ...

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