The Diary Of A Black Woman Essay

The Diary Of A Black Woman Essay

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We live in a patriarchal society with existing inequalities amongst men and women. There has been improvement, but every day we strive to fight for more equality between the sexes, especially when it comes to voicing opinions. Women are often discouraged from outspoken, based on the old belief that women should be “seen, not heard”. This collection of poetry is dedicated to giving a voice to one of the most silenced demographics in America, black women. All of these poems are written by African American women throughout various stages of their life. Within these poems, the inner thoughts, sentiments, and viewpoints that women have on society will be showcased through their own narrative, similar to an entry in their diary.
Note that the title of this collection is “The Diary of a Black Woman”, not, “The Diaries of Black Women”. This was done intentionally to address that fact that women are dynamic and complex beings, and one aspect of their life does not represent them as a whole. That is why throughout this anthology, each poet and each poem serves as a diary entry about a life experience that a black woman may encounter. Collectively, this makes the sum of all the entries represent the diary a single woman.
This diary contains five entries, titled Lain No More, Celebration of Endurance, Awakening, Inner Doubts, and Branching Out. The titles represent a theme that is expressed by the poem. The first entry, “Lain no more” contains the poem “Africa, by Maya Angelou”. This poem is a description of how Africa, also known as the motherland (which can be embodied by a black women) has suffered pain, and is rising above it, although not forgetting her past. This relates to a diary entry that can be written by ...

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...use those are natural feelings of life. This diary entry represents insecurity that a black woman might experience.
The final entry “Branching Out” contains the poem “a woman is not a potted plant” by Alice Walker. This poem earns this title because it expresses the desire to branch out of society’s image of what a woman is and how she should conduct herself. This poem branches out of the norm by expressing that women are free spirited and by embracing their identity. This diary entry represents non-conformity by showing how this speaker will not obey the rules society has in place for her.
All of the poems throughout this anthology represent strength, knowledge, pain, insecurity, and non-conformity. Further analysis, summarizing, and paraphrasing will show that these attributes and feelings are topics that could be written about inside of the diary of a black woman.

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