Diary of a Black Slave Essay

Diary of a Black Slave Essay

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My name is Agy and currently I am on board a slave ship. I’ve decided to create a diary and fill it with important experiences so in the event that I ever meet my family again, I’ll be able to share my experiences with them. I belonged to the Dan tribe of Africa. My people lived south of Diamonde territory and we were protected by young but brave warriors against invading neighbors. We grew yams, rice, manioc, taro, bananas and maize. These were our primary crops. I was in the process of cutting bananas along with some of my people and my parents when I heard a sudden uproar coming from the village. From a distant, I could see the villagers scampering and running toward the plantation. Following them were the loud bursts of gunshots and the smell of burnt gunpowder. I refocused my attention and between all of the screaming I could hear Mother calling my name but with everyone approaching, pushing and shoving, I was unable to find her. The white people entered the plantation on huge horses armed with their guns and whips and even nets. They were shooting at and trampling my people while the ones on foot, threw the nets over the ones on the ground to capture them as if they were wild animals. Within the blink of an eye, one of the white men were approaching me quicker than expected. And as I turned in an attempt to escape, I felt a spine numbing blow to my back. I instantly fell to the ground. All I was able to see after that was a large boot coming toward my face. I felt my body being covered with some sort of material and someone began dragging me by my foot. Eventually, I woke up to the sound of shackles being fastened together. Chained were people from my village along with some who I have never seen before. The only voices I he...

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