Dialogue: Russian Roulette Essay

Dialogue: Russian Roulette Essay

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"Little Miss, Little Miss." Count to three Abby, count to three. You're fine. Nothing will happen to you. "Little Miss, Little Miss." Count to ten, now Abby. You're going to be fine. He isn't holding that gun, he's lying to you. It's not loaded. You're fine.
"I never understand girls like you, Little Miss Abby." He circles around me, and conceals my hand in his, unravelling my tightened fingers, and taking the band of hundred dollar bills. "Betting away your life, and for what?" He brings his head low, to my neck and breathes slowly, and I know he's trying to make me lose my nerve. "Little Miss Abby - a cheap little thrill? A chance to prove you're full of courage?"
"Pull the trigger Tiger." I purr, and roll my head back to rest it on his chest. "You're the one murdering for a cheap dollar." I smirk, and take my band of money from his grasp, throwing it in the middle of the table. "...and for what? A cheap thrill? A chance to prove you have got the nerve to pull the trigger?" I can feel the muzzle of the gun on the back of my head.
One, Two, Three. He breathes slowly, and I do the same. My fingers are clutching at the few straws open to me. I trace my fingers over the scratch marks that have been left embroidered on the table. I try to determine the amount of force it would take for anyone, man or woman, young or old, to claw their way through a solid oak table. Then I remember the situation I had gotten myself into.
I was addicted.
I was addicted to the money, and the ecstasy of winning.
"I've got the power, and I can use that power I've got to cut you down, and I could use that power to crucify myself. Do you know what I'd choose every time Little Miss?" I heave, and feel his weight shifting behind me. There is a snicker from th...

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...er with an element of pity, but with an underlying sadness, knowing either he or I will get a bullet through our skulls. I feel the muzzle of the gun, once again at the nape of my neck. He’s breathing heavily.
“Who is more foolish here Little Miss? The girl afraid and cautious of everyone, and everything in the dark, but willing to risk her life for nothing. Or the man afraid of the truth in plain light?” Tiger growls, and I look towards him and at a glance I can see the anger radiating out of his eyes. The trigger is pulled. He places his lips on my cheeks and he lingers there for a moment. I can feel the tears brewing in my eyes. “You think I’d be in this room, choosing between someone I love, and my father If I wasn’t in on it?” He pauses and brings himself around to his fathers side of the room. I look towards the glass, where Orange is looking smugly towards me.

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