Dialogue Essays: Tulip

Dialogue Essays: Tulip

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When Lucinda and Frances got back home Mrs. Sagal was re-planting a shrub from a pot to the flower garden in the front yard. “Hi girls!” she said. “What have you two been up to? … are you hungry? I just finished my breakfast but I can fix something for you.”
“Mom, it’s got to be lunch time by now,” said Lucinda. “Nope,” said her mom looking at her watch. “It’s only 10:15 … Is Frances spending the night? I assume you’ve had a talk by now.”
“Yes, she’s spending the night … you’re spending the night, Frances, call your mom and let her know,” said Lucinda.
“What’s up with that ‘time warp’ thing?” asked Frances finally.
“We don’t know, actually, it just happens every time we leave Ambur’s house,” said Lucinda.
At dinner that night, after Jackie finished and went up to her room, Lucinda told her mom and dad what happened that day. They wanted to make sure Jackie didn’t hear because she had not been able to meet Ambur and Honeysuckle yet, while Frances had. They told them about the ‘what-ever-you-want’ muffins and Honeysuckle’s hand carved piano in the rose room. And Frances got to play her piano and she and Ambur and Honeysuckle had listened on the couch. And Lucinda told them that Frances figured out the riddle.
“It was just a wonderful day,” said Lucinda. “Would you slide the pizza box over here, I think I’d like another piece.”
“Yes, I thought it was a great day too,” said Frances. “I’m glad Lucinda woke me up at the crack of dawn this morning.”
Lucinda said, “I don’t think it was actually the crack of dawn. And besides, you shouldn’t sleep your life away anyhow.”
“You mean anyway,” said Kimberly.
“What ever,” said Lucinda.
Frances and Lucinda watched a movie on TV after dinner and then went up to Lucinda’s room. Th...

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...ll Lucinda,” Honeysuckle sighed. “It is not gold colored, either. It’s gold.”
“Solid gold?” asked Lucinda. “No one has a solid gold bathtub.”
“It was easier to do that than having a regular bathtub plated. We just made it here and was done with it,” said Honeysuckle.
“Well,” said Frances, “I suppose if Tulip wants to go to college that won’t be a problem.”
“Trolls don’t go to school, Frances!” said Lucinda. “How many trolls have you seen walking around our school?”
Kimberly then popped in, “I think we’re all about ready to go Lucinda.” Both girls gave Honeysuckle one last hug and told her they’d be back soon. Back up the stairs and out the door toward home. Jam helped out again with lamps lit and ready to go. Ambur lets Sampson out to fly and get a little exercise. He won’t really do any hunting ‘til morning. But Sampson stayed out all that night to keep watch.

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