Diagnostic Medical Sonography : Revealing The Unknown Essay

Diagnostic Medical Sonography : Revealing The Unknown Essay

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Sonography: Revealing the Unknown
Ultrasound Technicians are very valuable in the world of health care. Also known as Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, an Ultrasound Technician uses special machines and equipment that operates on sound waves to determine or diagnose medical problems for patients. There are specializations within this field in which some individuals explore. For instance, areas of specialization includes but not limited to; pregnancy, heart health, gynecology, and abdominal sonography. Although each specializing branch has its own distinctive function, they all involve probing the body to facilitate doctors with diagnoses.
According to Career Cruising, "working as an ultrasound technician is very rewarding but it is also hard work." Typical days includes repetitious duties, like: walking a great deal, accessing new patients, working on the equipment, cleaning the equipment, selecting the ideal positions and settings for the equipment to best get the results needed, moving the patient around to get the proper images, explaining what is going to be done to the patient and answering any questions. The field of Diagnostic Medical Sonography is broad and requires intense training. Frequently, the field is thought to be exclusively for identifying the sex of a baby-- but it surely does not stop there. More serious aspects of the industry includes identifying lumps, swelling of the spleen, tissue damage, cysts, kidney stones, blood clots, aneurysms, and cancers.
Diagnostic Medical Sonography not only involve many concepts and procedures but careers as well. The amount of career opportunities involved with the profession are endless. Virtual Job Shadow estimates that there are about 75,000 Ultrasound Technicians...

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... work your way up with continuing education and on-the-job training. The pay is well and gets better over time. U.S. News and World Report declares, "Sonography is fast becoming the ‘go-to’ method for diagnostic imaging." It is safer, accurate and helps to diagnose medical problems that the doctor cannot see without surgery. This job may help to eliminate unnecessary surgery or help facilitate more accurate surgery, thereby helping people live healthier and more productive lives. Helping lives is the key to success. Vanessa, an intern at Hospital and Health care, states "Medical Diagnostic Sonography is most definitely a job worth working." A career as a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer has so much to offer and leads to excitement to get started. After doing much research on the topic of Diagnostic Sonography, I am confident that this is where I belong!

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