Essay on Diagnostic Decision Making Of Medicine Involves A Cognitive Process

Essay on Diagnostic Decision Making Of Medicine Involves A Cognitive Process

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Diagnostic decision making in medicine involves a cognitive process. As a clinician/physician, their main task is to make sure to give reasoned decisions about their patients based on the available information. They start with internalizing sets of data and observation gathered from the patient, and then producing decisions and series of options. Most data are obtained from the history and physical examinations of the patients, usually these are efficients for making a diagnosis, but often, more information is required. In some cases, an urgent decision must be made, these processes need to fit sets of observations into a specific category (Al-Sayyari, 2007). Myers (1962) developed type indicator personality measure based on Jung (1923) theory of type, there are four sets of decision making inclinations or mind sets; Extraversion and Introversion is when distinguishing between the two worlds in which all of us live. There is a inside us and when we are dealing with our own minds, we are introverting while there is also a world outside us and when we are dealing with it we are extraverting. Thinking and Feeling is when people are making decisions, they based it on various criteria, as when someone is making a decision based on logic, they are in “thinking mode” while when someone is making a decision based on their value system or what they believe to be right, they are in “feeling mode”. Thinkers tend ot make decisions in rational, logical, and based on what they believe to be fair and correct. Feelers tend to make decisions on the individual case, when their value argrees with the outcome, or what they believe to be right within their belief systems. Sensing and Intuition is when we gatherdata on which to base our decisions and ...

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... and test results, many of these biases that are associated with doctor’s relying too much on intuition and only focused on information they want to focus on while ignoring other possible relevant information could be avoided and could result with the best diagnostic and options (McAlister et al., 2000).
In conclusion, diagnostic decision making in medicine is a cognitive process tht builds on intuition experience, evidence gathered about the patients, history, pattern recognition, recent exposure, prejudices, perception and personality trait. Experienced physicians are likely to use a hypothesis generation and strategy formulation only with complex cases with the patients. If the case is simple and straightforward, physicians depend on pattern recognition retrieval and experience. Focusing on eliminating biases could help improve doctors diagnostic decision making.

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