Diagnosis Using The Dsm Iv Criteria Essay

Diagnosis Using The Dsm Iv Criteria Essay

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Botella and colleagues used a nonconcurrent multiple-baseline between subjects design in their study. There were four subjects in the study, three of which were white females who met criteria for panic disorder, agoraphobia, and claustrophobia and one white male who met criteria for specific phobia, claustrophobia, only. A semistructured admissions interview designed by a clinical and research team was used to establish participants’ diagnosis using the DSM-IV criteria. These diagnosis were reviewed by an independent psychologist that was blind to the study. During the first assessment interview participants also completed the self-report measures. One of these was the Problem-Related Impairment Questionnaire (Echeburú & De Corral, 1991), which uses a ten point scale, 0 being no impairment to 10 being complete impairment, to evaluate how the disorder effects participant’s life in serval areas. Another was the Anxiety Sensitivity Index (ASI; Peterson & Reiss, 1992) which was adapted into Spanish by Sandín, Chorot, and McNally in 1996. The measure rates participants’ belief that experiencing fear and anxiety can lead to illness, embarrassment, or additional anxiety.
In the second assessment session the Behavioral Avoidance Test (BAT) was administered. The test consisted of seeing if clients could stay in a closet with the dimensions of 75 cementers in width, by 1 meter in length, by 2 meters in height for 5 minutes with the door closed and locked. Before the test began participants were asked to rate from 0 to 10 their belief that they would be able to say in the closet with the door locked for all 5 minutes. Participants could terminate the test at any time and were rated by researchers from 0 to 13, with 0 being refusing to ente...

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...rticipants’ disorder as proof that this dip was not spontaneous remission, but it could have affected the outcome of the study. The authors also touched upon the fact that most of their measurements were self-report measures and therefore could have been effected by a number of bias. The inconsistency between the BAT and ASI scores, which was mentioned above, was also seen as a limitation of the study by the researchers. Personally, the writing of the article was a limitation that I found. It was hard to understand exactly how the treatment procedures were carried out. The researchers did not cite what specific in vivo exposure treatment they modeled their virtual reality treatment after nor did they make it clear how self-report measures were administered. Replication of this study would be extremely difficult due to how it was presented in this article.

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