Essay about Diagnosis : Skeleton Twins. Milo And Maggie 's Father 's Suicide

Essay about Diagnosis : Skeleton Twins. Milo And Maggie 's Father 's Suicide

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Diagnosis: Skeleton Twins
Milo and Maggie Dean fulfill the criteria for major depressive disorder. The twin’s depression is heavily influenced biologically as well as psychologically. Some causal factors and influences include genetics, stress from parent’s suicide, lack of support, failure in career, and higher-risk sexual activity, (Butcher, Mineka, & Hooley, 2014). The movie makes evident that the main characters have struggled from this disorder ever since childhood. Evaluating back to Maggie and Milo’s stressful event that formed dysfunctional beliefs clarifies the possible causes to major depression.
Milo and Maggie’s Father
Milo and Maggie’s father’s suicide plays a big role in the twin’s depression. The movie indicates that the twins never properly and healthily grieved. Not having a healthy grieving process is an immense risk to the twin’s mental health, (Koplewicz, 2012). Instead of allowing themselves to feel the sadness and talking to someone, the twins suppressed their feelings. Maggie and Milo did not even talk to each other for ten years, showing evidence that their family relationships are unhealthy. Koplewicz briefly overviews research conducted at John Hopkins by stating in his article,” children who are under 18 when their parents commit suicide are three times as likely as children with living parents to later commit suicide themselves.” Maggie heavily contemplated suicide by overdosing on prescription medication while Milo actually attempted to kill himself with slitting his wrists. When a child endures a parent’s suicide and does not recover, this often results in more permanent impairment, (Koplewicz, 2012). Maggie and Milo learned damaging coping skills early on in their life. They lost their father, and...

... middle of paper ... behavior. The last psychotherapy is interpersonal therapy. This treatment focuses on current relationship issues and stabilizing daily social rhythms, (Butcher, Mineka, & Hooley, 2014). Patients learn to recognize the effects of interpersonal relationships and their role. The antidepressants and psychotherapy would be the most suitable treatments for Milo and Maggie.
Numerous factors influence Maggie and Milo’s major depression. Causal factors include genetics from their father, the stress of parental suicide, lack of support, and deviant sexual activity. Their symptoms all cycle and coexist to each other. However, there are many suitable treatments available for the twin’s depression. Antidepressants combined with psychotherapy will probably be the most effective. Milo and Maggie’s relationship certainly helps cope with their struggle from depression.

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