Essay Diagnosis Of Treatment For Cure Depression

Essay Diagnosis Of Treatment For Cure Depression

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Method of treatment to help cure depression
The feeling of sorrow, of emptiness, the numbness the you feel. You had just lost a loved one, or you lost your job, or you wake up in the morning and out of nowhere, you feel as if your world is falling apart, but you don 't know why. Depression may feel like you 're trapped in a hole. You feel as if everything bad that is happening is your fault. Depression can be caused by various events such as trauma, a loss, financial issues etc.. Sometimes people don 't have a reason to be depressed, and they still are. Not always will depression drag you down to rock bottom. With proper treatment, depression will be controlled and your mind will be at ease. There are many ways to treat depression but very minimum are sufficient and effective. A more common way to treat depression is antidepressants, which is the process of taking a specific pill (antidepressant) with the right amount of dosage on a schedule. A more effective way of treating depression is Electroconvulsant therapy, which is the act of sending electrical pulses to your brain through electrodes on the patients head. Another effective treatment is psychotherapy. With psychotherapy, you are able to talk about your problems and express yourself with some called a psychologist. The method of treatment to help cure depression is antidepressant, electroconvuslant therapy, and psychotherapy.
Antidepressants are medications that are used primarily to treat depression and depressive disorders (Vilhauer 1). depending on the array of symptoms the patient has, come the type of antidepressant prescribed. There are multiple types of antidepressants that can be prescribed and all work to level out the level or activity of neurotransmitte...

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...can be placed on one side only (unilaterally) or on both sides of the head (bilaterally). After positioning the electrodes, an electric current is transferred to the brain with a machine specifically designed for this matter. The response to therapy, family support, diagnosis, age, and the history of illness are all the factors that decide the total number of ECT treatments that will be given to the patient. Normally, treatments will be given every other day, at a rate of two to three per week. After two or three treatments, the majority of patients will notice improvement in their symptoms, but full recovery typically will take longer. Overall ECT is a secure treatment, there is no convincing evidence of long term effects from the ECT treatment. ECT is a treatment that people should look into getting if diagnosed with severe depression, or any other mental illness.

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