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Diagnosis Of Medical Conditions: Ultrasound Essays

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A very important reason for the New Zealand Medical Journal to consider nominating Ultrasound as the most important piece of medical equipment used today is because of its medical use in Fetal Echocardiography.
When 3D ultrasound is used there are 3 steps that should be considered separately; volume acquisition, Glass-body with colour Doppler and Rendering.

Firstly, 3D volume acquisition is a key technique that uses ultrasound when examining the fetal heart. This technique contains digital information of the cardiac structures and their spatial arrangement; therefore cross-sectional views can be obtained at any desired orientation, direction and depth. An example of this is the reconstructed cardiac volume displayed as a single hypothetical real-time cardiac cycle played in a cine loop, which can be played in slow motion or stopped at any time for a detailed analysis of specific parts of the heart, this is shown below in figure 1. According to Springer written in Echocardiographic Anatomy in the Foetus (2008)

Studies on multiplanar analysis from a cardiac cycle at a remote station using STIC (slow acquisition of image slices) which takes an average of 7.5s-15s volume acquisition were shown to be reliable in assessing the different cardiac planes, in screening studies and in evaluating fetal cardiac anomalies, using a volume for an internet link evaluation are emphasized as well, allowing potential for a second opinion in the future, this technique using ultrasound allows doctors and surgeons the ability to see into the foetuses heart and allow them to have detailed image of the heart and see if there are any problems and if so allow them to operate precisely and efficiently. 3D volume acquisition allows for safer and more deta...

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...ar septal defect, also this has helped demonstrate the calibre and relative position of the great arteries and other congenital heart diseases, these examples allow doctors and surgeons to prove weather or not the foetuses has any defects inside the heart or any abnormal growths, allowing the foetuses to be operated on earlier rather than later when the heart may not be inoperable. These are other key facts that make ultrasound a great nomination for the New Zealand Medical Journal to be the most important piece medical equipment in use today.

In conclusion, volume acquisition, Glass-body with colour Doppler and Rendering are key techniques used in echocardiography through the use of ultrasound. The finale point is perhaps the most important as rendering proves if foetuses have defects within the heart and this allows doctors and surgeons to operate and save lives.

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