The Diagnosis Of Diabetes And Diabetes Essay

The Diagnosis Of Diabetes And Diabetes Essay

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The purpose of this project is explaining the diagnosis of diabetes to those parents whose children suffer from this problem and various other ways in which they can take care of them. This paper will be more on health education on treating diabetes as a disease if attacks the children.
Diabetes or diabetes mellitus commonly referred by the doctors is a group of metabolic diseases where the person suffers from very high blood glucose (blood sugar). This is because insulin production is not adequate or maybe because the cell’s of the body is not responding properly to insulin, or both. The patients that have high blood sugar experience polyuria, which is frequent urination and they also, become increasingly thirsty and hungry.
There are three types of diabetes:
1. Type 1 diabetes
The body does not produce insulin. Approximately 10% of all diabetes cases are type 1. This occurs to the people before their 40th year and most commonly during early adulthood and childhood. Approx. 10% of all the diabetes cases is of type 1. The patents will have to take insulin injections for rest of their life. They must also take care of proper blood glucose levels by carrying regular blood tests and also by following a special diet.
2. Type 2 diabetes
The body does not produce enough insulin for proper function. Approximately 90% of all cases of diabetes worldwide are of this type and this can be controlled by loosing weight, doing exercises, following healthy diet and testing the blood glucose levels. This type is greater risk to those who get older.

3. Gestational diabetes
This type affects females during pregnancy. Some of the women who have high levels of glucose in their blood and their bodies are not able to produce enough ins...

... middle of paper ... are psychological and physical in nature. This behaviour and the degree of responsibility can vary to a great extent during this period. These children should take responsibility for their diabetes care and should also continue to need help and supervision from their elder ones in the entire procedure. They should go for education and this will help them guide their diabetic care routine in a proper manner.
Education should also include knowledge on alcohol, drugs, smoking, puberty, sexuality and many other complications that are necessary for them to understand. They should also know the importance of blood glucose to control and prevent the complications and also have willingness to take injections. The pumps are also suited to them and they are often doing the same on their own but still to some extent supervision is advised here. (Geoffrey Ambler F. C., 2010)

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