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Diagnosis And Treatment Of Depressive Disorders Essays

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Diagnosis and Treatment of Depressive Disorders
Depression is an interesting topic to me. I feel like I can relate to this type of mental disorder and have more of a personal understanding of it because of my life experiences. Unfortunately, I have had first hand experience with depression. I personally, have not experienced it but it does run in my family. I have several family members currently suffering from depression and some that have suffered from it. I believe depression comes from a chain of unfortunate events leading up to an unbearable amount of emotions and thoughts.
My family hasn’t had the simplest of lives. At one point it was like it was one thing after another, and funeral after funeral. I have dealt with death a little more than I thought someone my age would have to. Fortunately, I haven’t lost any of my immediate family members, but regretfully I have lost many close loved ones. Two of which committed suicide due to suffering from depression. It’s hard to understand how someone could turn to such measures, even when they know their family has already suffered enough. I often think I’m selfish when I think about it like that, because I know that when people have depression that can’t think clearly. An individual who suffers from depression just wants all the pain to go away, and sometimes they think the only way to do that is by ending their life.
An accurate definition of depressive disorders according to Huffman and Dowdell (2015) is, “ a group of mental disorders, including major depressive disorder, characterized by sad, empty, or irritable moods that interfere with the ability to function.” There are countless symptoms that are present in an individual who suffers from depressive disorders, but there is ...

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...it may be accepted for publication. (Huffman and Dowdell, 2015). The last and final step is theory development. According to Huffman and Dowdell (2015), “After publication of one or more studies on the topic, researchers may propose a new theory or a revision of an existing theory to explain the results. This information then leads to new (possibly different) hypotheses and additional methods of inquiry.”
In conclusion, depressive disorders are dangerous and if serious need medical attention. The positive of the situation is that there are treatments, such as drugs and different types of therapy to help an individual suffering from this disorder. I feel that my potential case study would be effective. If a person is taking antidepressants and receiving talk therapy, I believe they would have a faster healing process than a individual only taking antidepressants.

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