Essay on Diagnosing Eating Disorders in Youth

Essay on Diagnosing Eating Disorders in Youth

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Diagnosing Eating Disorders in Youth
Eating disorders are commonly associated with adolescent girls and youth from all paths of live. This psychiatric problem is identified as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating. Eating disorders are highly associated with serious medical conditions and life altering consequences. These conditions consist of hospitalization, suicide attempts, and mortality. Eating disorders may also increase other health risk factors such as obesity, substance abuse, anxiety disorder, depression disorder, and other health problems.
Anorexia Nervosa
Patients that suffer from Anorexia Nervosa are not capable or reluctant to uphold a body weight that is appropriate for their expected height and age. Patients that are diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa usually are fearful of gaining weight and are tremendously nervous of gaining weight despite of their underweight conditions.
Diagnosing Anorexia Nervosa consist of two subtypes of disorder that explain two behaviors patterns. This two subtypes are restricting type and binge-eating/purging type. Restricting type consist of patient continue their low body weight by restricting food intake and/or by excising. Binge-eating type consists of patient restricting their food intake as well was regularly engaging in binge eating and/or purging activities. Signs include misuse of laxatives, enemas, diuretics, self-induced vomiting, impulsive behaviors, substance use disorders, and mood alterations.
Bulimia Nervosa
Patients that suffer from Bulimia Nervosa participate in overeating in discrete periods; follow by attempts to balance the overeating to keep away from gaining weight. Attempts include binge e...

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...r exhibit a strong drive to lose weight. The first stage of treatment for these patients is to establish a weight goal. Ideally a nutritionist should be involved in the evaluation and treatment of children at this stage. Also diet journals can be used to evaluate nutrition. Re-evaluation by the physician within one to two months ensures healthy treatment.” (Major, 2008)
If children are suffering from severe malnutrition, dehydration, electrolyte disturbances, physiologic instability, ECG abnormalities, acute food refusal, uncontrollable binging, and others they should be hospitalized almost immediately to address the illness.
Who are appropriate outside professionals for treating children with these disorders?
Outside professionals are trained to deal with eating orders. The appropriate professionals may include medical doctors, dietitians, and nutritionists.

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