Essay on Diagnosing and Treating Student With Depression Anxiety Disorder

Essay on Diagnosing and Treating Student With Depression Anxiety Disorder

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Taylor is 22 and a college student. He is experiencing typical college stressors such as pressure to do well in school, have a social life, and maintain a healthy romantic relationship with his girlfriend. He is very intelligent, yet unmotivated; outgoing, yet reserved when it comes to meeting new people; and has some paranoia which affects his ability to be trusting of others. He gets very anxious at times and is mildly depressed, which affects his relationships with others. He wants to fix some of these problems and learn to embrace/act on his strengths for his own sake but also the sake of others he cares about whom his condition is inadvertently affecting. He realizes that some of his ideas about the world and other people are incorrect, yet he cannot bring himself to discontinue making certain judgments. He does not seem to believe that his depression is as bad as it is but might be over estimating his anxiety as a way to detract attention from his depression. He believes he can change, but is realizing that it’s a lot more difficult than he originally anticipated and thus becomes discouraged at times, but he is more than willing to continue working. We are aiming to decrease his anxiety and depression and rationalize a more open outlook on the world and those who inhabit it so that Taylor can develop and maintain a better social life and relationships with those around him. He also has reported cases of fainting due to anxiety attacks, so we will make a goal to decrease the occurrences of that as well.
It has been shown that there is a high level of depressed and anxious college students, and also that there is a significant amount of similarities between those two groups and distorted cognitions (i.e., irrational bel...

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