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Essay on Diabetes Medication vs Lifestyle

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In “What you don’t know can kill you”, author Jason Daley constructs an article exploring the minds

of individuals and how one's fear perception impedes the ability to create a safe society. Daley’s essay

inaugurates the humans perplexing systems and how they alter the way one thinks such as with logic

and instinct which Daley explains in turn “gives us conflicting advice making us creep in fear for a one

in a million boogeyman while virtually ignoring the true risks which inhabit our world such as fear in

being a donor, automobiles, and guns”. Not only does this make humans look silly, but as well make

this world a more dangerous place. Through his use of stylistic elements such as emotional appeal and

selection of detail, the author captivates the audience in an engrossing article that pulls at the readers

heart strings and makes them deliberate over their veracity of fear.

Jason Daley uses a strong initiative to get his purpose across and that is done with emotional appeal.

He achieves this by giving the audience his proposal with a cultivated yet tear-je...

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