Diabetes Medication And Insulin Therapy Essay

Diabetes Medication And Insulin Therapy Essay

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Diabetes medication or insulin therapy
Many people who have type 2 diabetes have their high level of blood glucose level checked but have to keep diabetes medications and insulin therapy continued. This can be done with the following treatments like Metformin, Sulfonylureas, Meglitinides, Thiazolidinedione, DPP-4 inhibitors, GLP-1 receptor agonists etc. (Type 2 diabetes )
Monitoring blood sugar levels
Monitoring the blood sugar levels continuously will help keep the same in control and checking. This will help prevent complications that may arise due to improper levels of blood sugar levels in the near future as well. (Type 2 diabetes )

Myths and Facts: -
Educating ourselves for diabetes is an important thing to do so that parents are able to manage their children well. Though parents have a lot of knowledge through the Internet and books, still we need to refine the knowledge so that proper care is taken for maintaining the health of the children. They should never make any type of changes in the child’s diabetes management plan without consulting any doctor or health care team. There are a lot of Myths and facts that all should keep in mind for a better understanding of diabetes, its occurrence, its symptoms and its control. (Diabetes facts and Myths)
Myth: Taking more insulin means diabetes is getting worse
Fact: Insulin is taken to keep blood sugar levels in a healthy range and the doses of the same must be adjusted over time. (Diabetes facts and Myths)
Myth: Kids with diabetes don’t have to take their medicines or pills when they’re sick.
Fact: It is very important to keep taking insulin during illness though it may not seem to be the right thing to do. Insulin doses may need to be adjusted during illness but should not ...

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...d and is becoming increasingly used by people all over the world. Some examples of using technology in Diabetes are devices that monitor the glucose levels and also those that deliver insulin. There are also cell phone text messages, applications on the smart phones and some Internet based education and support programs. These can be highly technical and expensive investment and there are others that are less complex. (Kaufman, 2013)
These technological advancements have been benefitting the children and the youth and hence parents should take the most from these for their children. These advancements are holding promising benefits and can be accessed all over the world including the low resourced countries. They have been helping the youth and the children who suffer from type 1 and type 2 diabetes to manage it well and have shown really good results. (Kaufman, 2013)

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