Diabetes in the Competitive Athlete Essay

Diabetes in the Competitive Athlete Essay

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As fitness professionals working with individuals with diabetes there are numerous considerations we must contemplate. For one thing we need to realize we are part of a team approach for these individuals. We need to be very cognizant that we operate within our own scope of practice, as diabetes is a disease that requires specialized approaches from physicians, dietetic experts and fitness professional for each individual’s situation. In addition to this we need to make sure before accepting the responsibility of training a diabetic client, that we have the proper diabetes education and proper certifications. The diagnosis of Diabetes is one that can shake the client to their core and stir every feeling and emotion the person could possibly experience and possibly completely overwhelm the individual. It’s vitally important that they learn to re-establish a sense of control and literally learn new survival skills. (Zrebiec) No matter if it is a parent of a child who has been recently been diagnosed or an adult who just heard the news regarding their own health, the initial situation is the same. To these people it’s going to be like taking a post-graduate course in diabetes management (Zrebiec) and exercise is going to become big part of it. However, this need for an appropriate exercise plan will bring about its own set of challenges due to the complicated nature of the disease. As individuals with diabetes they face some of the same challenges other parties face when exercise is something they know they need to do. They too face challenges of lack of time, lack of energy or will power, they may feel they lack the skills or even the resources. However, when it comes to a teen becoming more involved in exercise there may be two o...

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