Diabetes And Its Effects On Diabetic Patients Essay

Diabetes And Its Effects On Diabetic Patients Essay

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Diabetes is condition that results in a person’s sugar levels becoming too high. When the immune system attacks and destroy the beta cells, a person is said to have type 1 diabetes. In the type 2 diabetes, body does not produce enough insulin. Insulin is a hormone that is vital in regulating the blood sugar levels. The inability of the body not to control blood sugar levels due to insulin problems calls for medicinal products such as the Aspart, the Levemir, and the pioglitazone to regulate the blood sugar levels of diabetic patients.
The insulin Aspart is human-made insulin having rapid action in lowering blood glucose levels (Novolog, 2016). In treating type 1 diabetes, it is used with another insulin more so in the insulin pump. In diabetes mellitus, the insulin Aspart may also be used with other types of insulin or oral medication for diabetes. Aspart is administered to the body through the subcutaneous layer (Insulin Asaprt, 2016). The insulin Aspart mechanism of action is the replacement of the insulin. Additionally, insulin Aspart inhibits the liver from producing excess sugar (Medscape, 2016).
Insulin Aspart mechanism of action works by the insulin aspart binding to the insulin receptor which is a heterotetrameric protein which is made of two transmembrane beta units and two extracellular alpha units (Heise et al., 2015). Insulin Aspart is cleared from the body at a rate of 1.2 L/h/kg through the urine. Insulin Aspart is categorized under pregnancy category B. The insulin Aspart should be used during pregnancy when the potential benefits outweigh the potential risk of the fetus (McCuistion, Kee, & Hayes, 2014).
Insulin Aspart is prescribed to control the symptoms of diabetes but not as a cure. The common side ...

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...from the body through excretion (urination) by half- life between periods of 3-7 hours (Medscape, 2016).
For pregnant and lactating mothers, pioglitazone is categorized under pregnancy category C indicating that it is unknown whether it is excreted during lactation hence one should discontinue its usage or do not nurse (McCuistion, Kee, & Hayes, 2014)). Just like any other medicine, Pioglitazone has its side effects both common and adverse side effects. In the case of these side effects, a call should be made to a health expert. The common side effects include flu or cold-like symptoms (a cough, sneezing, sore throat, and stuffy nose), back pain, gradual pain gain, muscle pain, headache, mouth pain, and tooth problems (Actos, 2013). The adverse side effects of pioglitazone are vision changes or loss, jaundice, vomiting, hypoglycemia, and nausea (Medscape, 2016)

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