Diabetes : A Long Terminal Disease Essay

Diabetes : A Long Terminal Disease Essay

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Diabetes is a long terminal disease that occurs when the pancreas doesn’t make enough insulin to help sugar break down effectively. Sugars in the blood are turned into glucose when the body is working properly. The glucose travels through the blood stream and turns it into energy. Otherwise, if the pancreas doesn’t regularly produce insulin, that causes the first complications to the body. Furthermore, the irregularity can result in severe problems with every organ carried inside the human body.
Diabetes is a short name for the full term “Diabetes Mellitus”. In 1552 a physician named Hesy-Ra began to pay attention to how many times a person with diabetes would urinate in a specific number of times. With everything he would keep track of, he found out that frequent urination was one of the symptoms of diabetics. He also began to notice how ants would become attracted to their urine. Years after this discovery, people known as tasters, began to taste the urine and realized that their urine was sweeter and less sour than a person without the disease. When they started to analyze those results, they began to believe that diabetes was a part of excessive consumption of sugar. In 1889, the role of the pancreas in diabetes became discovered and played a big part in being able to get way more information about how it would affect the body. Joseph Von Mering and Oskar Minkowski found out that dogs could not live long enough after having their pancreas removed. All of the information that they had received from all those years made researchers discover plenty of things about diabetes that we know now.
There are a couple of types of diabetes, but the most common two are known to be from unhealthy diets and the type where the genes are inher...

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...etting regular check ups can help manage and cure the disease the sooner you start to take control over it. Giving it the time to make sure your health is okay makes it faster for the disease to go away with a healthy diet and body condition.
Diabetes has been known for many years. After so much time being around, they have found some of the causes and symptoms of this disease knows as diabetes. Having your body in good conditions and treating it with care will help avoid getting it. Even though in some cases it is hereditary, iit can still be controlled with the use of the proper things needed. It is important to be aware of your health to avoid getting diagnosed with diabetes. Going to the doctor is a regular basis will most likely assure you of any blood sugars, cholesterol, and weight gain that could possibly be affecting you or could affect you later in life.

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