Diabetes : A Growing Epidemic That Severely Affects The Overall Health Of The Body

Diabetes : A Growing Epidemic That Severely Affects The Overall Health Of The Body

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Diabetes mellitus is a growing epidemic that severely affects the overall health of the body.
Diabetes is the failure of the pancreas hormone insulin to manage blood glucose adequately. Insulin is a hormone that is created in the pancreas, which helps regulate the release of glucose in the blood and muscles. Insulin is essential in converting food to energy. Diabetes a disorder that affects how the body produce’s insulin either insufficient insulin, or inadequate to no insulin. Consequently, this causes the sugar in your blood to rise and lower abnormally. Diabetes comes with many unwanted symptoms like frequent urination, weight loss, and fatigue. Throughout time the high blood sugar adversely affects the body eyesight gets blurry, numbness of the limbs, longer healing time, and many disorders of the oral cavity. People with diabetes risk higher dental related complications because it affects the overall health and normalcy of the body. Diabetic patients risk higher dangers which include losing teeth due to obtaining gingivitis, periodontitis, dental carries, salivary gland dysfunction, and oral infections.
Diabetes has related conditions which are type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. In the medical article "What Is Diabetes”, Dr. Ananya Mandal states that “Type 1 diabetes is called insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. In these patients there is complete lack of the hormone insulin that mandates external administration of the hormone regularly as treatment.”(Mandal. 1). Type 1 diabetes is commonly seen in younger patients, and is not very common. Type 1 has no environmental stimulants the immune system attacks cells in the pancreas which cause the decrease of insulin production. In contrast, type 2 diabetes is insufficient ...

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...ugh urine. The condition diabetes comes with many dangerous symptoms that are identified in the article "Diabetes Latest.", Conner E Barret states the symptoms & health complications of diabetes which are blindness, kidney failure, heart disease, stroke, and loss of toes, feet, or legs.”(Barret.1). Overtime the high blood sugar affects many organs that can render a diabetic with many adverse complications. Diabetes causes many people to loss limbs because the disease hinders the body’s ability to heal and repair tissue. That’s why it’s advised for diabetics to prevent injury to body or oral cavity. The body is very good at telling what it needs too little glucose you run out of energy, and to much glucose it can build up and cause serious problems overtime. Through the signs and symptoms patients can better learn to treat their diabetes and prevent further damage.

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