Devolution and Survival in The Remember and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Devolution and Survival in The Remember and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

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As the world turns around and around, our knowledge increases. Everyday that passes by is one lost to the overflow of information in our unending world. Soon, all that we will have left will be an innumerous amount of useless information. We might be understanding how our world works, but does it cost us? As we focus on the way our world works, we lose contact with the things that matter the most. We start focusing on how to survive in our world that we forget to live it. In literary works, The Rememberer and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, both authors demonstrate the consequences of losing focus on what truly matters in life. Each main character follows a simply devolution, where they lose focus in life and become an unintelligent creature; leading society to wonder is there a cure for our over thinking.
In The Rememberer, one of the main characters, Ben, has an epiphany where he realizes that humans are thinking way too much and have lost contact with their hearts. His epiphany makes him spiral into a depression, leading him to be described as a sad man. As the story progress on, Ben, drifts deeper into a depression until eventually killing himself. Ben changes into different animals to represent the different stages of his depression and how he loses contact with the human world. When he turns into the ape, this shows how be is becoming less of a man and more of a child. He reaches out to Annie and she sharply commands “No,” demonstrating the discipline you would teach to a child or animal (Bender 4). After transforming into the turtle, he comes to represent an old man: lonely, with out purpose, and hiding in his shell. Finally, the salamander represents how he is no longer human and he loses contact with his world. Afte...

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... Button, each character avoids devolution and fulfills their life goals. Unlike the movie Brazil, Benjamin and Daisy are able to spend time together before living different lives. In Brazil, Sam, the protagonist realizes that the girl of his dreams is killed. In order to cope with the news of her death, Sam turns catatonic and starts to have delusions of him and his dream girl Jill. Because Benjamin and Daisy were able to have a child together their emotion standing is preserved and their love will stand against time. Benjamin’s society learned how to follow their hearts again and stopped using their minds to rule their lives. The main characters in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button change from being animals, ruled by their minds, to humans, able to feel emotion and reach goals. The mind focuses on survival, while the heart focuses on living life to it’s fullest.

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