The Device That Will Revolutionize the Gaming Industry Essay

The Device That Will Revolutionize the Gaming Industry Essay

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Throughout time, technological tools have been created and improved for the well-being of humans. From the discovery of fire to having robots educate children, all inventions influence and impact the way we live in a society. Another instrument which will soon remodel the gaming industry and our lifestyle is the Oculus Rift. According to Chacos, Edge-Salois, Hamdan, Luckerson and Trivedi, there is research to prove that the Oculus Rift is a device that will revolutionize the gaming industry and the real world. The Oculus Rift is the first product on the market that allows the gamer to wear a headset and experience the environment of the game in a three-dimensional space. There are several health, psychological and social benefits that are obtained with the use of this gadget. The gadget not only can be used in the gaming world, but also in the real world regarding societal affairs.
Firstly, the Oculus Rift will revolutionize the gaming industry through stationary movement. The device is special and unique from any other gaming device since it allows the gamer to experience the environment of the game. This product would allow a person to “move about within the confines (Hamdan 2) in which the device can sense the surrounding, The Oculus Rift uses markers which transmit messages to the device and enables the device to comprehend the surrounding, These markers are used not only in gaming devices. Smartphones also include location markers for a person to be able to follow directions (Hamdan 2). The Oculus Rift specializes in having the gamer feel as though they are able to physically be in the game, while wearing a headset that is connected to the gaming system. In a way, wearing the headset tricks our brain to believe we are ac...

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