Deviant Acts And Deviant Act Essay

Deviant Acts And Deviant Act Essay

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Recently in class I have begun to do some research on deviant acts. A deviant act is an action that is against the norm of whats acceptable to a society. Without noticing, acts of deviance happens all around us every day; whether it is someone who is dressed differently than what you 're used to, the language someone uses in a certain setting, or even the music someone listens to in a general atmosphere. Not all deviance acts are necessarily bad, for instance, if you were to talk in a “rhyming” fashion for a day. This is an act of deviance because by no means is this act a normal way of communicating, but at the same time, no one is being injured or harmed when this act takes place. I took the time this past week to try going against a family norm myself to see the reactions that I would get. This is a reflection on the open later I wrote my father expressing how much of a hero he truly has been to me throughout the short 22 years I 've been alive. This act of deviance performed is an example of a positive act, concluding that not all deviance acts are bad.
I couldn 't think of anything more random and deviant than to write my father a letter and open up deeply about how I really feel about him. To let him know that he is my biggest role model and to show him the love that my heart holds for him. This type of action is weird in my family, because the men in my family are taught to be strong and blunt towards each other. It is okay to show your mother or your sister love and give them hugs and kisses, but in my family, never have I ever turned to my dad and said “I love you” or given him a kiss, thats just not something thats socially acceptable in my family from one man to another. From a young age, we are taught to ...

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...annot open up to another man. The instrumental reward for me was being able to get passed the “hard-ass” phase and open up to my father and in return he showed me how much he cared about me and wanted to see me succeed in life. Through 22 years of me living, I can not think of one time besides this time that we have ever congratulated each other on something, or showed that we cared. Normally its just a shoulder shrug and a sarcastic comment and then moving on to the next obstacle in life. To be able to sit back and congratulate each other on our successes in life and show each other that we really do care about one another was something unlike I 've ever experienced with my old man. The instrumental reward was hearing my dad say “I love you” for the very first time that I can remember, all because of a letter that I wrote to him for school for a deviance act.

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