Deviance Is A Natural Part Of And Necessary For Stability And Social Order

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Deviance is a natural part of and necessary for stability and social order in society, this according to functionalist theorist Emile Durkheim (MindEdge, Inc., 2016). Traditionally, society is generally successful in providing motivation for individuals to aspire for goals of some sort, whether through wealth, prestige or perceived power (Henslin, 2011). However, from a functional perspective, theories have been developed in identifying when lawful and equal access is not afforded to certain individuals in the process of obtaining such goals. This restriction and inequality to opportunity for access in the quest to achieve success is what is now referred to as structural strain theory, which was developed by sociologist Robert Merton (Henslin, 2011). According to Merton, structural strain theory describes the resulting outcome when individuals are unable reach these goals through lawfully acceptable means (MindEdge, Inc., 2016). Over the past year, I have been working to obtain a college degree, specifically in the disciplines of psychology and sociology. It is my intention to utilize the acquired knowledge—specific to such disciplines— to benefit those who seek assistance through the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs (“VA”) for treatment of combat related post traumatic stress disorder (“PTSD”). Although I am an active duty military dependent and have considerable insight to a population in the military-culture affected by PTSD, which is beneficial experience-wise, this factor alone does not allow for preference in employment in this particular field. The institutional means to achieve this goal requires and involve four years of undergraduate study, two years in a Master’s degree program and an additional five-plus yea... ... middle of paper ... ...e children are the priority. Thus, personally I am placed in a situation where the priority is placed first, on the mission to which my Soldier must comply and, secondly related to my culture—the needs of my children. Any aspiration I seek for myself, follows both and thus, for me to behave contrarily would be deemed unacceptable and I would be labeled as a rebellion to the cultural values and practices in the environment to which I am a part of. Behavior outside of what is socially acceptable in my culture is rare and typically individuals who rebel are stigmatized. Any failure related to the development of his or her children is a direct reflection on the individual—for one to set aside the needs of their child in order to achieve individual goals results in what could be a life of unfavorable judgment and the label as a “bad parent” and unworthy of association.

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