Essay about The Deviance in the Cultural Setting

Essay about The Deviance in the Cultural Setting

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Deviance is the interference of the social norm in a given culture. The deviance in the cultural setting has its cons and its pros in many communities in the society. The meaning of deviance varies from one society to another, but the general meaning is not following the norms that have been established by the culture. Abnormal behavior in one society appears normal in the other society (Nairne, 426). Deviance is weighed by the society’s reactions to the particular behavior, also it is measured by the society’s way of life so that it defines the unwelcoming behavior. It ignores the social order and some organizations believe, the reality in the society. The violation of the social norm in the society can be meant to be utilized as a way of sustaining power, position, and influence of a specific group of people or organizations in the society setting. In most cultures, it is based on the values, deeds, and beliefs that are achieved through interaction among the people in the society.
From the understanding that culture is passed on to persons through intimate peer groups. The society comprise of the subculture and the culture itself. The huge culture forces in the society depicts what deeds are appreciated and deeds that are unaccepted or discouraged. On the other hand, the subculture in certain setting creates a resistance to the dominating culture and in doing so, they give a hand in the behavior that violate the large culture social norms. The conflict in the culture impact on the creation of the social norms. The deviation from the culture norms can be attributed to the social classes in the society. For example prostitution in regions of developing world is deviant in most cultures, poverty pressure pushes young girls to...

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...r society greatly define the interference of social norms, examples of these are the families, schools, police institutions and courts of law define. Therefore, the cultural deviant is based on developed institution in the society setting of different parts of the world. In short when social bonds are weak, the chances for deviance increase (Shepard, 45).

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