Deviance : Deviant Act And Deviance Essay

Deviance : Deviant Act And Deviance Essay

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Deviant Act

Deviance is something that we encounter and experience daily. Deviance is defined as the recognized violation of cultural norms. (Society, the basics pg 199.) Everyone knows what it’s like to be around someone that can be considered out of the “norm”, or seeing someone breaking a standard social norm. When you go about your day you don’t put much effort into thinking about what standard everyday social norms are but you certainly notice when someone is breaking one and this is deviance, such as picking their nose at a stoplight in the car on the minor side, to breaking the law in some way on the more extreme side. Everyone has deviated from social norms in their life, as it is almost unavoidable.
Social norms are the rules and expectations by which a society guides the behavior of its members. (Society, the basics pg 58.). With norms being the standard rules set by people that almost everyone follows there are also “mores” which was originally coined by a Sociologist named William Graham Sumner, which are defined as norms that are widely observed and have great moral significance. (Society, the basics pg 58.). These mores are social norms, but in the sense of being completely disassociated with the acceptable rules of society. Such as sexual crimes against children or women. On the opposite side of “mores” there are “folkways” which are the rules for casual or routine interactions in society. These distinguish the difference between right and wrong in social instances and the emotional line drawn between interactions.
Social control is the attempt by society to regulate people’s thoughts and behaviors. (Society, the basics pg 59.). Some examples of social control are such as friends having you join them in their soci...

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...low along with the act. And when something as simple as wearing your clothing backwards happens in a public space, especially a clothing store. It can be culture shock in the sense that you are completely acting unfamiliar with the standard rules you were raised and what society has deemed acceptable.
With folkways being the norms for routine and casual interactions in society, there is a clear violation of folkways from wearing your clothes improperly in a public setting. So, with breaking this soft rule in society you are not conforming to the standard guidelines set with social control.
And finally, this is primary deviance. With primary deviance being a onetime episode that you do not keep on repeating over and over, it never will escalate to the point of being considered secondary deviance where you would do this on a regular basis, as it is harmless as well.

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