Deviance : Deviance And Deviance Essay

Deviance : Deviance And Deviance Essay

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What is deviance? What does it mean? What determines a behavior as deviant? Deviance is anything that violates a social norm. For example, when a child burps at the supper table but doesn’t excuse himself. Who we socialize and spend time with will determine what we deem as deviant behavior. There are many types of deviant behaviors, some of these behaviors may not be considered deviant to one culture but to another they are.
In the television show The Simpsons episode Marge Be Not Proud there are many instances of deviant behavior. There were two that stood out to me. The first example of deviance in this television show was in the store when the young boy, Gavin, is telling his mother he wants the new video game. When asked by his mother what game he wants he proceeds to tell her in a rude voice and calls her names such as “stupid” and “idiot”. In our society if this type of behavior were to occur out in public, many people would look at the family and shake their head in shame. Many would be astonished that such horrid words would be uttered to the very being that takes...

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