Deviance and Social Stigma Essay

Deviance and Social Stigma Essay

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Deviance and Social Stigma
Crime is a creation of the law. When one becomes a deviant he or she has gone against law statute and therefore it becomes a crime. Crime committers may be arrested, tried and punished either by being jailed regardless of their status in the society .Some of the criminal activities have limited options .For example, murder, robbery with violence while others can be negotiated.
This paper will refer to the sociological perspectives and theories and how they relate to increased crime and the relationship between social stigma and deviance. It should always be noted that deviance has a direct relationship to time and place .Cultural norms may be contradicting from one society to another. For instance, what one society perceives as deviant behavior may be regarded by another society as normal. Take this example, if a guest arrives during meal time, some societies may not include them in a meal already served while others will consider what little they have with them.
This therefore creates a need for offenders to be incapacitated or kept away from the public in order to ensure they stay aware from environments that make them commit those crimes in order to protect the public from social and even psychopathic delinquents. Neurotic delinquents are said to be suffering from deep-rooted anxiety. They are dangerous to the public and such kinds of people have no sense of being. These kinds of people have a feeling of intense insecurity and have a feeling of pervasiveness and guilt consciousness.
Stigma comes in three forms: first from unconcealed or exterior deformations, such as scars, physical manifestations of anorexia nervosa, leprosy or of a physical disability (Tremblay & Nagin, 1999). Secondly it occ...

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...f taboo are forbidden under law and transgressions may lead to severe penalties. Other forms of taboo may lead to shame, disrespect and humiliation. Taboo although not widespread does occur in the majority of societies. Enacted stigma is also a prejudice aligned with people who are alleged to be inferior. It involves a high mental cost because the discriminated people always think that they are undermined by the rest of the society. In conclusion, discrimination has a very high effect on the deviance levels in any society.

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