Devepment Requires, Hard Work, Patience, and Effort Essay

Devepment Requires, Hard Work, Patience, and Effort Essay

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Development of every single thing occurs only step by step and there is no other way for this. It never happens rapidly and suddenly. It is hard and continuous process, which requires patience and a lot of effort.
Our world developed the same way. Every single step or we can say period of world history brought some new, crucial and influential innovations to people’s lives.
One of such periods is the time between second half of the 17th century and first half of 20th century. This is the period from the end of Thirty Years’ War – Peace of Westphalia (1648) and the beginning of World War I (1914).
This time period was very significant for emergence and formation of modern international order. This period is known as the beginning of diplomacy and tight international relations between sovereign states.
Certainly, during this time world have seen a lot of important historical figures that have played different roles in the development of the world. These were politicians, statesmen, diplomats, soldiers, thinkers and others who had influence either in the whole world or regional politics.
Nowadays one of the most influential and strong states in the world is United States of America. Of course, development of USA of that time is pretty important and crucial for Americans and us today.
The most tragic period in the history of the U.S. is the American Civil War 1861-1865. And the person who, in a certain sense, is the reason for this is Abraham Lincoln – the 16th President of the United States. The person who led American nation through the greatest constitutional, military, and moral crisis.
Abraham Lincoln was born February 12, 1809 in an uneducated farmers’ family. His father was quite wealthy, he owned two 240 ha farms, several...

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...l very important step not only for USA but for whole world. People had to understand that all of them are equal and there is no difference between them. Abraham Lincoln knew about consequences of the beginning of abolitionist politics, but still did not care. Why? Because he also knew that after abolition of slavery nothing, but prosper future is waiting for United States people.
His death creates image of martyr who gave his life for the country's reunification and liberation of black slaves. And this actually true. Lincoln suffered when he was a President. He had this pressure, criticism surrounding him. It is quite hard to work and do something in such environment, but he did not give up. Lincoln went directly to his goal and as we know succeeded. Even though during his term Lincoln was often criticized he is one of the most loved presidents in American history.

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