Essay about The Developments and Issues of E-Learning

Essay about The Developments and Issues of E-Learning

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The Developments and Issues of E-Learning

News Item:
Clark, Don “The Pros and Cons of E – Learning”. P. 2007

Presentation of the Issue

E-Learning is trying to provide a more individualized, self-paced, self-directed learning experience (Clark). A survey by a Sociology Professor at CSU-Northridge showed that students in his virtual class performed 20% better than students in his traditional class (Clark). On the other hand, issues concerned with E-Learning includes the fact that students may not be as motivated since, another survey found out that only 66% of the students involved with E-Learning earned credit with a passing grade for their classes (Washington Post).

E-learning promises to provide ways of learning for all Auditory, visual and kinesthetic learners (Kruse). It also provides benefits that traditional classrooms cannot, For Example, individual attention and courses that local schools don’t offer (Florida Today). Both the teacher and student have easy-going environments where they can work according to their pace, thus reducing stress and producing better outcomes. Online courses can be delivered anywhere where Internet is available and E-learning usually costs less than traditional schools while providing similar education (Clark).

However, there may be social impacts on the student since E-learning provides very little opportunity for interaction (Obringer). People also remember more when they are encouraged to interact in the activity and E-Learning sometimes contains boring slides with monotonous speech (Obringer). Because of these reasons, the online student dropout rate is around 35% whilst the average dropout rate for universities...

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Page 6
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