Essay on Developmental Psychology : Psychological Psychology

Essay on Developmental Psychology : Psychological Psychology

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Developmental Psychology
Not many children’s movies show children how the brain develops, stores memories and works in day to day life, but Inside Out does just that. Within this hour and a half movie the psychology topics of long term memory, short term memory, emotions, and development is all include. Although it is very clear Inside Out indulges on these psychological topics throughout the movie, memory and emotions take the spotlight. Developmental psychology may not be as obvious, but is still in several of the scenes in Inside Out.
One example of developmental psychology with in Inside Out is when Reilly is in the concrete operational stage in the beginning of the movie. According to Rathus (2010), concrete operational stage happens around the age of seven when children begin to think logically. In other words, this stage is when children begin to think about specific objects, but not abstract ideas and they reduce the egocentric way of thinking. It is shown when Reilly expresses she cares more about her parent’s happiness then her own by trying to make them happy when they first move into their new home. Another example of this is when Reilly is imaging what her new house will look like some of the few would not be plausible, but she is able to focus to create different ways her house could appear. Also, she believed the Golden Gate Bridge was actually made of gold, which is still childish, but she takes into account the name of the bridge to come up with what it was made out of. Reilly may start with concrete operational stage, but like all stages in childhood they end.
The next development Reilly’s brain goes through is the formal-operational stage, which could be a great and a horrible thing for a twelve-yea...

... middle of paper ...

...ions, but explores various alternatives. To illustrate Reilly is going through a huge transitional period in her life, with puberty, a new school, and a new city, instead of facing it head on she expands on her interest such as, fashion, boys, and comedy. Reilly has slowly become more complex and will continue on that path.
Overall, Reilly’s brain is becoming more and more complex with each passing year, and her emotions are definitely working better together, much like her parents. It is obvious how much the brain can go through in such a short term and long term period and Inside Out captures that perfectly. This is so important because it is often overlooked how much of the brain develops and changes in a period of time as short as twelve years. Developmental psychology may have taken the back seat in Inside Out, but definitely has not in day to day life.

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