Developmental Milestones the First Year of Life Essay

Developmental Milestones the First Year of Life Essay

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When a child is born it brings a parent much joy and excitement. When the baby enters the world they are helpless humans that depend on others to survive. A baby will be so dependent on its caregiver to learn and develop. Milestones are things that some children are doing at that age, however; not all children will meet those milestones. Children are individuals and should be looked at as such. The author of a news story from News Bank Access World News states, “Nothing replaces contacting your pediatrician if you have any questions or concerns, but the following may help you to identify and nurture specific developmental milestones” (Diana, 2011).
Child’s Sensory Experiences at Birth
The child’s sensory experiences at birth are very acute then what some people would think. At birth a child can pretty much hear, unless there is something wrong with the child’s hearing, however; it will improve as the baby grows and develops. At such young ages babies can distinctly smell who their mother are from other mothers. When a baby is born the sense of taste will develop fully over time; however, at birth a baby will prefer sweetness over any other taste. The text states, “First, vision is probably the least well-developed of the infant's senses” (Lefrançois, 2012). A newborn’s vision can appear be a little blurry but they can see pretty well for being in a women’s womb, for example they can see shadows and figures of people.
Senses Development and Evolve
Over the next few months the child will grow and develop so much that every day will be filled with mouth dropping excitement. Hearing for infants will become more defined but will still need more development to reach their full range of hearing. In the text the author me...

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...for various needs, such as hunger, hurt or fatigue. He babbles with inflections and uses exclamations, including "uh-oh!"” (Diana, 2011)
The first year of a child’s life is so moving and full of heart felts smiles. They grow and develop at should speeds that is so amazing to watch and encourage them to continue their development. Even though, as parent you want your child to reach those milestones at the age it states, parents must remember that all children develop at different rates. Milestones are simply information for parents and other personals to monitor a young child’s development and growth

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