The Developmental Issues : Erikson 's Stage Of Generativity Vs. Stagnation

The Developmental Issues : Erikson 's Stage Of Generativity Vs. Stagnation

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Part: 1
The developmental issues I would love to focus on and address at the first part of this assignment is Kimberley who is going through the young adulthood. Kimberley is dealing with many different issues because of this period of development. she is going through psychological development issue of Erikson’s stage of generativity vs. stagnation, First, the reason why I believe Kimberley is going through psychological development issue is because she doesn’t have a time to relax and enjoy her favorite hobbies. Due to having a job that requires long hours and a son to look after. An example from the case study stated “Kimberley has to come right after work in order to pick up Jack and take him to his grandmothers” just so she can attend the counseling sessions. Even though her ex-husband helps her with finances, it is emotionally draining for Kimberley to have her bills paid without having to maxed out all her credit cards which causes stress and psychological problems.
Part: 2
The second issue I am going to explain is how Kimberley who is a young adulthood is going through some psychosocial problems especially Erickson’s terms the crisis of intimacy vs. isolation. Social development let every mankind to form positive relationships with family, friends, teachers, or basically anyone that is surrounding them. So, if Kimberley does not have a good relationship with her husband which could affect her well-being. Kimberly could be feeling loneliness and no one to fully support her since her grandma is not feeling well anymore. An illustration from the case reported “In the midst of the argument Brandon shoved Kimberley and she threw a glass at him, which shattered on the wall behind him.” The reason why I believe this behavior or...

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...he young adulthood developmental period. Brandon has psychological development issues. the case vignette states “the couple had a very long, heated argument” it could have a huge psychological effect when Brandon doesn’t have an emotional support from his wife over financial problems. Also, Brandon has to find his own apartment while still providing for his son which could double the stress and economic needs. This behavior or behaviors are an example of the developmental issue that I am applying, because Brandon has to deal with behavioral issues and family problem functioning problems which would cause mental issues.
In my own words, psychological development issue means having mental dysfunction. Also, psychological problems affect our emotional, intellectual, and social development. It is related to our cognitive abilities and how we perceive our surroundings.

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