Developmental Domains And Developmental Periods Essay

Developmental Domains And Developmental Periods Essay

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Developmental domains and developmental periods are important terms to know when discussing child development. When humans are developing they should hit different milestones, and parents should be aware of when certain developments take place in children. There are three developmental domains humans develop in, there is the physical-motor, perceptual-cognitive, and social-emotional. The physical-motor developmental domain includes the physical growth, mental growth, and the growth of strength in humans. Development in sensory and motor skills, and strong health is also developed during this time (Papalia & Martorell, 2015). The perceptual-cognitive developmental domain includes growth in mental abilities, attention span, memory, language, reasoning, thinking, the imagination, and the interpretation and reasoning of information (Papalia & Martorell, 2015). The social-emotional development domain includes the development of personal relationships, the personality of a person, the emotions that they have, and the formation of feelings and relationships (Papalia & Martorell, 2015).
During the lifespan of a human there are eight different developmental periods that a human will go through, and during these periods the growth of physical, cognitive, and psychologic development takes place. The first period is the prenatal period, which is from conception to birth. During this period physical growth takes place, where a child will begin to form inside the womb. Children will also learn to respond to stimulation around them and respond to well known voices (Papalia & Martorell, 2015). The second period is the infancy and toddler period, which is from birth until the age of three. During this period physical and mental growth take place...

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...eloping a parent or guardian should know what stage a child is at and work with them from there. At the age of zero to three months children should be nourished and stimulated to help facilitate growth. At the age of three to six months children should be encouraged to respond, engaged and interacted with other. At the age of six to twelve months children should be stimulated with vibrant materials and encouraged to move around. At the age of one year to two years, children should have routines, they should also be read to, talked to, and they should be asked questions (UNICEF, n.d.). When it comes to the development of humans throughout a lifetime is important to make sure developmental periods are met and the stages of development are followed. It does not have to be exact but it is important that humans meet those developmental milestone in a decent amount of time.

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