Developmental Development : Development Of The Senses, Motor Skills, Health, And Wellness

Developmental Development : Development Of The Senses, Motor Skills, Health, And Wellness

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There are three different types of development one goes through. These three developments are cognitive, psychosocial, and physical. First, cognitive development is development within the areas of learning, attention, memory, thinking, learning, and creativity. An example is, when a child turns the age of 12 or higher, and that child becomes able to think abstractly and logically. Next, psychosocial development is development of emotions, personality, and social relationships. An example of this is, when a younger child begins to interact socially with other children. Lastly, physical development is the development of the senses, motor skills, health, and wellness. In other words, physical development are changes in the mind and body. An example of this is, when a 3-4 year old catches and bounces a ball. Therefore, the three domains of development include different parts of an individual.
There are many different theories that have been created throughout the years. One that I agree with is, the psychosocial development theory. This particular theory was created by Erik Erikson. Erikson’s theory states that the development of the personality takes place all throughout life. Furthermore, Erikson believes that our interactions with others is is what affects our sense of self. Erikson’s theory includes eight stages that we all experience at certain parts of our lives. Each of the stages include an “either” “or” situation. For example, Industry vs. inferiority, which means 6-12 year olds either develop pride and accomplishment, or they feel inferior and inadequate. I agree with this theory because I do believe that people experience these stage in life. I also believe that the stages included in this theory build upon each other. Last...

... middle of paper ... includes abstract logic and moral reasoning.
The psychosocial stages of development were created by Erik Erikson. First, toddlers experience autonomy vs. shame and doubt. This means the child needs the opportunity to act on her environment, if not that child will doubt his or her abilities. Next, preschoolers experience initiative vs, doubt. This means success at this stage means the child will develop self-confidence, failure means the development of guilty feelings. Third, Grade schoolers go through industry vs. inferiority. This is when children compare themselves to peers and either feel pride and accomplishment or competence. Fourth, Adolescents experience identity vs. role confusion, successfulness means strong sense of identity, failure brings weak sense of self. Fifth, Individuals in the early adulthood stage experience intimacy vs. isolation, which means

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