Developmental Development And Its Effects On Children 's Neurological Development

Developmental Development And Its Effects On Children 's Neurological Development

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“I do not foresee a role anytime soon for investigating the genotype of a particular child in order to help make treatment decisions. I would certainly not advise parents to waste any time or money obtaining any of the ‘genetic scans’ that have become popular lately. They are of no practical help.”(p.22)
In this generation, there are really more children with true ADHD than ever. Newmark (2010) stated that “there is a true change in the neurological make-up of this generation of kids—that is something has affected their neurological development, resulting in more children whose brains are ‘wired’ differently than was the case in previous generations.” Evidently, many researchers feel this way and believe that due to drastic change from over the last 30 to 40 years could have easily damaged and have very toxic effects on children’s neurological development. Due to the recent development of highly sophisticated technology such as MRI, PET scans and EEG has assisted researchers to learn a great deal about the structure and function of the brain in children with and without ADHD. With the advancement of technology this should help the parents understand the neurobiology of children, so they can stop blaming themselves of their child for behaviors or weaknesses that are very hard to control. What parents fail to realized is that the human brain especially children’s brain has tremendous capabilities for change and adaptation. Newmark believed that “just because a child may tend to have lower levels of some neurotransmitters or some difference in the relative size of one part of the brain does not mean that there is some permanent defect that can never self-correct, or that he or she needs a lifetime of medication to “correct” the imba...

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...ation.The mind-body technique is considered to be the best technique due to allowing the child to regulate their own behavior and getting in touch with their inner self. These methods could be more useful than any other method especially medication.
It has become very obvious that the messages ADHD children get from their environment and especially from their parents and families are very crucial in assisting them to modify their behavior for the best but sometimes it be for the worse. These changes aren’t just at home but as school as well, whether it is adjusting seating arrangements or allowing extra time on an exam. Each child with ADHD is very special and unique in their own way, which means that every medication or method doesn’t work for everyone. ADHD is a very serious and most misdiagnosed disorder in today’s society that can be helped with natural care.

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