Essay about Development Through Life By Newman

Essay about Development Through Life By Newman

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Early adolescence is one of the toughest stages because of how rapid teen’s physical bodies, social environment, and emotional and biological development all changes to equip them for adulthood. During this stage, young teens will start to blossom and explore in their identity within themselves and their identity within their peers. In the text book “Development Through Life” by Newman, explains how the psychological crisis, central process, ego quality, core pathology and the theory on formal operational thought all have an impact on the development of an adolescence (Newman & Newman, 2012). Understanding what goes on in the stage of early adolescence can help to explain why a teenage boy would kill himself because of others actions. Ryan died by suicide because of being bullied and cyber bullied. In the case of Ryan, he was bullied on and off from fifth grade to eighth grade level and because of that he didn’t really know how to handle the situation. In this life stage, he was just trying to fit in with others and do his best in school. The purpose of this reflection paper is to use understand the early adolescence stage and to relate that to Ryan’s story to help explain and prevent bullying and cyber bully.

Application of Erickson’s Psychosocial Crisis
Group identity vs. Alienation
Psychosocial crisis has two outcomes, a positive one that is called group identify and a negative one that is called alienation. Ryan was trying to make friends by being loving, kind and very outgoing, but because he was having difficulties with learning and wasn’t physically developed like the other teens it affected the way he felt about himself. Ryan went towards the alienation crisis stage because he was being picked on because of the way he...

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... the best intervention for bully, first we need to understand that bully is caused by social environment, culture and the interactions with others (Hamarus, P & Kaikkonen, P, 2008). In the case with Ryan there should have been in early intervention in beginning, middle and the end of the school term, that talked about bully and groups participation on how to handle a situation that involved with cyber bully (Reisch, M., & Garvin, C, 2016). On the website called “Stop Bully”, talked about getting the parents and youth involved on spreading the word about bully prevention (Bullying). In addition to that, getting the community involved too would build cohesion within the city that they live in. Within these interventions that will discuss the signs a child being bullied and how to communicate to teens and help them to help others teens that may being dealing with that.

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