The Development Of The Worldwide Transcultural Nursing Society Essay

The Development Of The Worldwide Transcultural Nursing Society Essay

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Madeleine M. Leininger, founder of the worldwide Transcultural Nursing Society, is the founder and leader of the field of transcultural nursing, focusing on comparative human care theory and research. “The development of Madeleine Leininger’s theory resulted from an integration of her background as an anthropologist with her experience and observations as a nurse” (Schub, 2014). As a pioneering nurse educator, leader, theorist, and administrator, Dr. Leininger has been a risk taker and innovator. She has never been afraid to bring forth new directions and practical issues in education and service. Her determined leadership has made transcultural approaches and patient care crucial to nursing and valued as recognized areas of education and practice. “Leininger held that caring for people of many different cultures was a critical and essential need, yet nurses and other health professionals were not prepared to meet this global challenge”(Parker & Smith, 2010).
One of Dr. Leininger’s most meaningful and exceptional influence was the development of her Culture Care Diversity and Universality Theory, which she introduced in the early 1960s to provide culturally congruent and competent care. “She believed that transcultural nursing care could provide meaningful, therapeutic health and healing outcomes”(Parker & Smith, 2010). The Theory of Culture Care Diversity and Universality was developed to establish a applicable knowledge base to guide nurses to understand and apply transcultural nursing into their own practice. Leininger also identified three new creative ways to attain and maintain culturally congruent care. “The three modalities postulated were: culture care preservation or maintenance, culture care accommodation or negotiatio...

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...erent cultures was a critical and essential need to provide a positive outcome for the patients. “Culturally competent nursing care can only occur when client beliefs and values are thoughtfully and skillfully incorporated into nursing care plans” (Nelson, 2006). This is the only nursing theory that concentrates explicitly and in detail on learning the significance, benefits, and relationships of culture care within and between specific cultures. It provides a comparison of culture care between and within cultures. As a result, it has significantly expanded nurse’s comprehension about care so important for them to understand and use in practice. “Nursing is essentially a transcultural care profession and discipline” (Parker & Smith, 2010). Caring is the core of nursing. Culturally competent nursing guides the nurse to provide optimal holistic, culturally based care.

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