Essay on The Development Of The Human Race

Essay on The Development Of The Human Race

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The development of the human race has been a spectacular one. According to modern theories, the development of man took billions of years and only happened because of a very specific set of variables and conditions. What marks one of the many extraordinary qualities in the human species is the ability to self-aware and cognizant. This self-awareness has many implications, one being the ability to empathize. This empathy can be for oneself or for others’ depending on the relationship to the recipient. In “A neurobehavioral evolutionary perspective on the mechanisms
underlying empathy” authors Jean Decety, Greg J. Norman, Gary G. Berntson, John T. Cacioppo explore this phenomenon.
In terms of the structure of the essay, the authors take a very linear approach to arguing their thesis. The paper first traces the history of empathy throughout all species, specifically the members of the mammal amniote. It sets up the foundation for their argument by explaining that the use of empathy was necessary and vital for mammals in order to survive and evolve. Specifically relating to the practice of child rearing, the ability to empathize with one’s offspring is essential to growth and development. The argument continues to development, the structure holding said argument as the authors get more specific about the development of empathy in mammals, citing anecdotal evidence with case studies in rodents. This essay’s motivating force in terms of structure is proceeding through a logical argument. The authors continue to build momentum through evaluating evidence of empathy in the human species, as well as primates. By these paragraphs the information is just reaffirming what was stated earlier. Not very many elements of the text detract from the...

... middle of paper ...

...anguage itself is somewhat basic, there aren’t very many descriptive terms or conceptual language. In a generation that grew up with Bill Nye the Science guy, we aren’t used to viewing science in a pure and boring form. With many branches of science there are no violent explosions or chance of a breakthrough discovery. A lot of science is just filling in the blanks for phenomenon that we already understand. This language confirms that sentiment. The topic being discussed, while important in the realm of pro social development, becomes very mundane when explored with ink. Throughout this work there is no plead to ethos, it
would have been unnecessary. Emotional pleas are often used in place of convincing, factual information. This article had an overwhelming amount of factual information and being that it was not an argumentative article, there was no side to plea for.

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