Essay on Development of the European Union

Essay on Development of the European Union

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For more than a thousand years, the history of the European continent has involved, primarily, war. Even since before most of the European countries could call themselves that, their main policies were militaristic in nature and focused on the acquisition of land and power. Though at first this may have seemed like a good plan, (probably because each empire or kingdom believed it would succeed in conquering all of the known world,) the nationalistic ambition and overall hostility multiplied, as suddenly, Europe found itself with dozens of new nations. Each new conflict caused another series of border disputes, fierce battles, economic warfare, etc, and at times the balance of power was nonexistent. In order to combat this issue, the leaders of the main European countries, who had tried forming unions like the European Coal and Steel Community, the EEC, and Euratom, decided to unite any European country who wishes to participate in a union that will establish an effective balance, however this time, it would combine social, political, economic, scientific, humanitarian, environmental, and any other affairs they dealt with (Nugent, 2).The creation of the European Union was thus intended to achieve prolonged stability by forming one body with several separate countries, and to rid countries of self interest by promoting future progress as a whole.
The goals of the European Union, as defined in Article 2 of the Treaty on European Union, are to promote social and economic progress, paired with a high level of employment, throughout the Union. The way in which it intends to do so is by creating a border-free area, permitting workers and trade to travel throughout its vast land mass ("Folketingets EU"). Now, one may wonde...

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...its neighbors and to encourage a united effort to progressing in the future.

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