Essay about The Development Of The Erikson Came Up With The Stages Of Development

Essay about The Development Of The Erikson Came Up With The Stages Of Development

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As a child the people who raised me when I was an infant were my aunt and my mother. My mother was single, and came from Mexico to the U.S, when she got here; my aunt helped her by giving her shelter in her home. I did not have a father figure until the age of five, which was difficult for me to grasp the idea of having a father since I had adapted to only having a mother. My mother was mostly working to obtain the essentials I needed as an infant, and while she was at work my aunt took care of me. So after interviewing them both, I compared my life so far with the stages of development the Erikson came up with. Since I am 20 years old, the stages I have gone through and still going through is: Trust vs. Mistrust, Autonomy vs. Shame and doubt, Imitative vs. Guilt, Industry vs. Inferiority and Identification vs. Identification confusion.
In the first stage of development is Trust vs. Mistrust and during this stage of life, my mother commented the following “ while you were crying either me or your aunt rushed over to tend to you and make sure that you weren’t hungry or needed a diaper change.” This is a sign that I had trust in my caregiver as an infant, however, my aunt added to the comment my mother made “there were also times when I had to tell your mother that it was best for you to cry and get over your grumpiness.” This was a sign of mistrust, but in the end they always made sure I was content. As I explained the significance of Trust vs. Mistrust, they exclaimed that no matter what when they held me it was as if I felt safe with them. As I grew up they both said “you were beginning to seek us for anything you wanted if you didn’t see us then you did not want it from anyone else, you knew that we were the only ones wh...

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...ecurely attached to my caregiver. I don’t like to ask for help when I need it, this is one where the third and fourth stage of development didn’t affect me much in my perspective due to me wanting to be independent now. Although, since my mother has ceased to control what I do I am getting to know my identity rather than confused on who I am. Erikson’s theory is a good way for one to comprehend at what stage a person was affected as a child in case the person is having trouble being independent or is unsecure about people. There are people now who have psychological problems that make them act in a abnormal behavior causing distress for innocent people. For example Ted Kaczynski, he was an average kid whose parents made him do what they wanted not what he wanted. Thus, leading to a identification confusion state, he later mailed 16 bombs and hurt people (Santrock 2).

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