Essay about Development Of The Apartheid Of South Africa

Essay about Development Of The Apartheid Of South Africa

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Development of the apartheid in South Africa primarily began when the Dutch colonized the area during the 17th century. Furthermore, the sole purpose of the apartheid was to strategically enforce white supremacy by bringing upon segregation among the people of South Africa based on their race or ethnicity in which they had to identify as European, Indian, colored (mixed race), or African (“ Struggle”). By pushing aside the native population of the area, power was then overtaken by the whites whom believed they were superior; this consequently pushed non-whites into a system of oppression. Due to this unequal treatment of the natives, they were forced to relocate to parts of the country stricken with poverty and were unsurprisingly faced with alienation from foreign superiors in their homeland. Be that as it may, the violation of the basic civil and human rights of the people of South Africa brought an uprising for which they would fight against the apartheid.
Nonetheless, similar to that of the Jim Crow laws in the United States, non-whites were not only forcibly impoverished, but they also had to deal with various restrictions that violated their civil rights. Native South Africans were not allowed to travel beyond borders without permission; blocked from voting or any other form of political participation; barred from owning large quantities of land; even the marriage between non-whites and whites was presumed illegal like that in the U.S. back in the mid 1900’s (“Struggle”). As one can tell the apartheid in South Africa was much like that of segregation here in the U.S. However, further incidents marked it as far worse in such ways as it lasted way longer than segregation in America.
Although the segregation of the natives be...

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...ion had no choice but to put their tactics into a militant formation of action.
Against all odds a massacre of peaceful protestors in Sharpeville is what brought among the final decision to do so. In 1961 the ANC took up arms against the SA government due to the fact the peaceful and non-violent protests were not fully deteriorating the regime as they wanted it to (ANC). As a result of their political banishment the ANC was forced to go underground briefly for protection, but in the midst of the climaxing chaos, they remained to train their members as a militia in order to prepare for what was to come from the government and those that opposed them. One particular event of rebellion that took place was win Nelson Mandela partook in guerilla tactics and bombed a European establishment, yet his intentions were only to speak out, asserting his opposition (“Struggle”).

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