Development Of The Amygdala ( Anonymous Conservative, 2014, P Essay

Development Of The Amygdala ( Anonymous Conservative, 2014, P Essay

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development of the amygdala (Anonymous Conservative, 2014, p.110). Since r-selected organisms seek to avoid competition, their amygdala will not be developed to deal with adversity (Anonymous Conservative, 2014, p.110). The lack of adversity present in r-selective environments creates fear for competition among r-strategist. This fear creates psychological motivation, which is recognized by the amygdala, to eliminate competition in the environment (Anonymous Conservative, 2014, p. 110). It is also important to note that the brain is designed to function in its environment, and the environment is designed to influence the development of brain structure (Anonymous Conservative, 2014, p.110).
The second difference noted by Dr. Kanai is liberals larger Anterior Cingulate Cortex also known as ACC (Anonymous Conservative, 2014, p.110). According to Anonymous Conservative (2014), the role of the ACC is to “signal when something is wrong, or something deserves more attention” (p.110). For example “the amygdala identifies a reason to panic, the ACC is the button it pushes which triggers the panic” (Anonymous Conservative, 2014, p.110). According to Anonymous Conservative (2014), “the ACC responds strongly towards physical pain and the psychological stress of social exclusion” (p.110). “This could explain the liberals focus on discrimination or their ability to perceive their in-group” (Anonymous Conservative, 2014, p.110). The ACC “is also activated by perceptions of unfairness and envy” (Anonymous Conservative, 2014, p.111). Like the amygdala the ACC has a specific purpose.
According to Anonymous Conservative (2014), “ an r-selected individual, growing up within a competitive, K-selected individuals who often experienced such an envious e...

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...itocracy with a moral hierarchy (p.69). In this world the government’s responsibility is to take on the role of the Strict Father Model providing support and protection for all under its authority (lakoff, 2002, p.70). This includes the enforcement of a rewards and punishment system (Lakoff, 2002, p. 70).
Like conservatives at the heart of liberal political policy are their beliefs of what is morals and the ideal family model. The liberal moral system is built around what can be called a Nurturant Parent Model (Lakoff, 2002, p.108). This model is comprised of “preferably” two parents, but one is fine (lakoff, 2002, p.108). This model is believed to ‘begun as a woman’s model” (Lakoff, 2002, p. 108). It is also interesting to note that this model is designed to work with single parenting, which is in line with r-selection. According to Lakoff (2002), the primary goal

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