Essay on The Development of the American Constitution

Essay on The Development of the American Constitution

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The Articles of Confederation were approved by all the early American states in 1781, but by 1787, it was apparent that the Articles were insufficient for the young nation to operate on. A convention was formed with the priority job being to revise the Articles of Confederation; however, they only concluded that an entire new structure was needed to fulfill the demands of the growing country. The Constitution was then born. The Constitution provided the structure of government and power that was needed to achieve a strong union. This structure “saved” the American republic from collapse while under the Articles of Confederation.
George Washington himself called the end of the Articles a “happy termination” (Document A). He commended Henry Knox and hoped that good would come from the Constitution that was now put in place. Good has most definitely come from the Constitution. Would America be the great nation it is today without the formation of the Constitution? Many historians would agree that America would not be the same country in any shape, form, or fashion without the developme...

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