Development Of Sustainable Reading Culture Within Schools Essay

Development Of Sustainable Reading Culture Within Schools Essay

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Reading is not only a significant part of every lesson in schools, it also plays a huge role outside of the classroom. Accordingly, all schools have a reading policy and there are many benefits of one being used. This involves teachers adopting a whole school approach which can be utilised to support children in becoming independent learners in Literacy and aiding children to make progress in both Key Stages. Kanolik and Turker (2011) suggest that schools should initiate whole school reading, which should involve all members of staff including the head teacher. The initiation of this approach can be underpinned through whole school commitment and dedication of members of staff (Kanolik and Turker, 2011). This can lead to the “development of sustainable reading culture within schools” (National Union for Teachers NUT, 2016). This is of importance as the reading policy emphasises that it is essential that reading is developed in schools with greater focus being put on the teachers, teaching children to read through phonics in Key Stage One.

Sections of the reading policy in Appendix A focus on certain areas that teachers should keep in mind whilst encouraging reading to take place in the classroom. Factors which have been mentioned in the reading policy in Appendix A are home – school links, reading environments, the necessity of a multi – literacy approach and teaching of reading through phonics. The Department for Education (DfE, 2013) define phonics as teaching children to read quickly and skilfully and have suggested that the most effective way of teaching children to read from an early age is by starting with the easiest sounds and then progressing to the hardest. The Programmes of Study for English in the National Curriculu...

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...’language comprehension’. They found brain images showed different patterns in neural activation in children who were less competent readers. Such research shows insight into brain activity, however such patterns could occur due to environmental or instructional influences rather than genetic and neurological factors.

Since the Rose Review (2006), the SVR identifies that ‘word recognition’ and ‘language comprehension’ should be taken into account to help children become good readers. In such circumstances, teaching of reading could become engrossed in teachers, teaching reading for purpose and not reading for pleasure. The reading policy takes into consideration the development of reading skills using a number of techniques in the ‘Teaching and Learning of Reading’ section but there should be references made to children who are encouraged to read for pleasure.

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