The Development Of Social Work Essay

The Development Of Social Work Essay

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Analyse the development of Social work, the major changes that have taken place during 1960
The British social policy has its origin from the Poor Laws, dating from 1598 to 1948. The Poor Law amendment act (1834) modified the existing social system today. It provided a compulsory poor rate and helped set the poor to work, and make it illegal for anyone to receive any other help apart from the workhouse. The Beveridge report 1942 saw the establishment of many of the legislations, acts and policies that brought about many changes in social service today.
Social work originated from The Charity Organisation Society founded in 1869.The aim was to unify the many smaller sources of relief and make provision more efficient and effective. Its principles encouraged people to become self-dependent. The Young husband report in 1959 contributed to radical changes in social work education and organisation in the UK. This led to the founding of a Council for Training in Social Work, a social work certificate and the establishment of National Institute of social work in 1961(Lishman,2012)
One report that impacted policy and practice during the 1960 's was the Seebohm report (1968). The report was presented and recommended merging the local authority social services into a services department with the aim of providing a comprehensive family service and reform social welfare system. It was in respond to the ill treatment of the patient in the institution The Local Authority Social Services Act 1970 went on to see the enactment of the Seebohm Report in 1971.The report changed the delivery of the welfare Services into a new generic social worker role. Created changes to management systems and coordination in children and welfare departments. Post ...

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...r, it is used in social work to attempt to understand behaviour in infancy and childhood to show the way in which children develop emotionally (WALKER 2009).The theory originates from the ideas of John Bowlby (1973).Social workers working within an attachment perspective play the role of assessment, planning and direct work with children, parents and carers. The strengths are that the theory has been used within social work practice as the basis for many child care policies, in contributes to policies such as shared parental responsibility. To provide guidance to enable social workers to judge the quality of a relationship between a child and its parents.However , care needs to be taken when placing a child with a new family as to prevent a repeating loss of attachment figures which can cause them to blame themselves and produce feelings of worthlessness.


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