Essay about Development of Services for Asian Women Suffering from Depression

Essay about Development of Services for Asian Women Suffering from Depression

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This essay explores the development of services for young Asian women who are suffering from depression in Southall, part of the London Borough of Ealing. There is a discussion of why this need was identified and the rationale for choosing the area, the circumstances and the chosen group, it’s association with mental health, management (including implications of management strategies) and recommendations for improvement; this may refer to the strengths and weaknesses of the inter - professional team. This essay will closely look at the effects that cultural and social diversity have on health, the use of effective communication within health settings in order to avoid potential barriers that would have a negative effect on nursing practice, as well as the use of beneficial health promotion. It will further discuss the ranges of social policy and its initiative to the government.
Being young Asian woman involves coming from a highly structured family. The welfare and integrity of the family are of great importance. The individual is expected to submerge or repress emotions, desires, behaviours, and the individual is obligated to save face so as to not bring shame onto the family. The incentive, therefore, is to keep problems within the family.

In order to overcome a problem that may arise in a particular area it is important to grasp it and solve it at the earliest stage. By enabling this area to have a specific community mental health team to work with young Asian women to support them in various ways such as being help with the management of their medication, help with social issues or practical problems relating to their mental health problems, individual and group therapies, including alternative therapies, practical aid...

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