The Development Of Sensorimotor Intelligence Essay

The Development Of Sensorimotor Intelligence Essay

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From the newborn baby you to the present day you, you would agree that you are not the person you were when you were born. Obviously, you have more knowledge, you have changed physically, and emotionally. There are plenty of things everyone can probably look back at and laugh about the ridiculous things we would believe, or the hilarious sayings that our family members still hold us by. What we probably don’t look back at is how we developed into the young men, and ladies we have become. Our influence could’ve been from other adults such as our parents, or from the genetics inside of us. From beginning to end, there are specific psychological terms that have defined the stage we were at when reaching certain ages as our bodies grew and
In the first two years of developing, you are taking your first baby steps, and saying your first words. But what you don’t recall is the development of sensorimotor intelligence. Piaget’s theory talks about the stage of accommodation. This stage seemed very relatable to my childhood because I always compared similar objects or animals to each other. For example, my mother always reminds me of one of the “hilarious sayings” we used to say when we were little. Whenever I was in the bathtub, I would always confuse my freckles for dirt because of the similar color. It didn’t seem to connect at the time when they both seemed to look so similar, but when my mother corrected me I soon corrected myself.
In our early childhood stages, we seem to become more aware of our surroundings and objects. Because we recognize things more we tend to always want to touch, pickup, or play with things we may not understand are important. This leads to the outcome of learning lessons as to what is okay to touch and pl...

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...ews and outlook on things have definitely changed to see both sides of a story. To see the pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages, and to generate my own opinion. This was in the past and still sometimes occurs now; I like to be right so I stand up for my point of view instead of realizing that the facts prove different. Also, during this time of moving into adulthood you start to feel as if you are stuck in-between Sternberg’s Dimension of love Triangle; which is commitment, compassion, and intimacy. In our generation we are stuck in a world where we are scared of commitment. We feel the compassion and want the intimacy but not the title. We seem to always want someone next to us so we never feel guilty or alone. It relates to my life because it does always feel like you are stuck in this triangle as we struggle to find the person we may want to marry one day.

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