Essay on Development Of Science And Medicine During The Middle Ages

Essay on Development Of Science And Medicine During The Middle Ages

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Despite the hardships during the Middle Ages science had many advancements during this time period. The development of science and medicine during this time period had huge impacts in our world today. The Middle ages begin after the fall of the Roman Empire and is divided into three periods; the Early Middle Ages, the High Middle Ages, and the Late Middle Ages.
The Roman Empire lasted for five hundred and seven years. In 410 AD, the Visigoths, a Germanic barbarian tribe, invaded the city. They gained possession of treasures, killed and enslaved many Romans and destroyed many buildings. In 476 AD, a Germanic barbarian named Odoacer took control of Rome. He forced Romulus Augustulus to give up his crown. After the fall of Rome much of Europe fell into barbarism. The next 500 years would be known as the Middle Ages or Dark Ages.
After the fall of the Roman Empire the Islamic Empire began in 622 AD. Islamic expansion led to the siege of Constantinople. Charlemagne tried to promote science and education. The first schools are founded in monasteries. The lessons that were taught were grammar, logic, rhetoric and bible. Geometry, arithmetic, astronomy, and music are also included later on. Around the year 1216, the Dominicans adapted the idea that science was a way of figuring out God’s design using logic and experiment. Later in that year the first Universities in Europe were established. Followed by new inventions that included the windmill, spectacles, the compass, and the spinning wheel. In 1350, the plague develops, ultimately killing half of the population of Europe and it kept recurring throughout the Western world a series of time over and over again. The early middle ages there was little advancement in science and medicin...

... middle of paper ... The ideas of dissection, autopsy, and practical medicine developed during the middle ages impact our world today. Today, autopsies are still used in hospitals and in the police force to determine cause of death. Although, in hospitals autopsies are slowly declining less than “5% of autopsy cases were reported in 2015.” Autopsies are still used to determine cause of death if an act of violence was performed. It helps build a physical; profile on the perpetrator and it can also offer the time of death and what happened to the victim just moments before their death.
The high and late middle ages were impactful to our world today. They gave insights into our modern science and medicine today. They impacted inventions that would be developed i during a later time period. Some of the basic ideas of science and medicine used during the middle ages we still use today.

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